From April 13 until June 10 2020, we proposed a new poll focusing on user experience. This new poll will help frePPLe team enhance user’s interaction with the software.


Below are the results of the poll:



Description Percentage of votes
Addition of comparison tools between scenarios 33 %
Revamp of the "Problem Report" and "Performance Indicators" view 22 %
Enhancement of plan editor usability 17 %
Addition of extra high-level information widgets on the cockpit 6 %
Addition of more cost-oriented reports 6 %
A new interface to manage calendars 6 %
Better management of the forecast outliers 6 %
In this moment, having an access via API rest to "operationplanmaterial" would be the major help to my implementation. Generally speaking instead in my situation is almost impossible follow the "fine scheduling" of day by day working using the plan editor, due to big complexity of our models that generate a huge number of MO's 6 %

Thank you to all frePPLe users who voted for the poll. Again these polls help the development team understand the pains of the users and try to provide solutions. Expect more polls in the future 🙂