Become a partner

At frePPLe, we truely believe that partnerships are the pilar to spread the software all around the world. Prospects are more likely to choose frePPLe when supported by a local team of supply chain experts that understand their needs and propose adapted solutions. [space] Based on our experience with partners, we found that some criteria are key to a successful parntership. Therefore we will request from our future partners to: [space]
  • Have experience with distribution planning or manufacturing planning softwares.
  • Have a first implementation project starting quickly. Unfortunately, we see too many partnership requests from companies not having a serious candidate in mind. The momentum is quickly lost.
  • Promote frePPLe to their customers (conduct demo sessions, visibility of frePPLe on the partner webpage…)
[space] For the practical and commercial aspects of the partnership, please contact us. [space]