Another year comes to an end, and so does another decade. Our team wishes you a happy new year. May 2020 bring you joy and wonder. In the meantime, here is our modest contribution.

New feature: shop floor control

Not long ago, we’ve added a new feature to frePPLe: shop floor control. We’ve realized many of you needed a seamless way to communicate with their operators on the shop floor. Thanks to the tight integration with Odoo, we’re able to provide this bonus on top of our planning modules.

Note: if you don’t use Odoo, don’t worry. This feature can be integrated into different ERP systems. Simply contact us if you’re interested in learning more about the deployment process.

Now find the Community Edition on

The Community Edition of frePPLe now has a separate website: There, you can access all the resources related to the open-source version of frePPLe.  

Though remains essentially the same, it’s worth noting that the documentation has been moved from to 

New partners program 

In addition to current partnerships, we’ve decided to extend our partners program to development partners who wish to build upon, contribute to, and participate in the IP of frePPLe.  

These privileged partners will get:

  • Full access to the source code of the Enterprise Edition
  • Priority access to the frePPLe development team
  • Full access to development ticket tracker.

Do you want to make us a gift too? 

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