To facilitate your way around frePPLe, we’ve created 2 new tutorial resources: a data loading wizard, and videos for the guided tour. 

Users and developers already have access to extensive documentation on our website. There, you’ll find detailed explanations on frePPLe’s features and capabilities. 

To guide new users who want to start loading their own data and test the first results that they can get with the tool, we’ve created a data loading wizard 🧙. This is a detailed path that you follow step by step to load you first Excel or csv datasets. It’s available via the cockpit screen.

In order to get clean planning results, it is important that you follow the wizard rigorously. You’ll see that only the 1st step is clickable when you start. The following steps are locked so that you can go through the process.


To help you further, we’ve also made new videos illustrating typical use cases that you encounter daily when planning demand, like how to identify bottleneck resources, or identify a stockout risk.

If you have an account, you will find the full guided tour under the Hep menu -> Guided Tour. If you don’t have an account yet, you can still watch the videos on our live demo webpage, or by following frePPLe on Youtube.


If you struggle to get comprehensive results on your own, we’ll help you build a proof-of-concept. Contact us to get more information.