Openbravo, a world leader in the cloud-ready commercial open source software for specialty retailers, and frePPLe, a leading open source supply chain planning software provider, announce a strategic partnership to help retailers optimize the execution of their retail operations with advanced planning capabilities. The effective integration of Openbravo and frePPLe generates new and exciting business opportunities for both companies.

“We are confident this partnership will bring us many opportunities and create a lot of value to Openbravo customers. Successful integration between execution and planning is a big driver for value creation. Our shared open source roots make Openbravo the perfect partner for us,” says Johan De Taeye, founder and CEO of frePPLe.

“We are convinced that this strategic partnership will allow us to deliver solutions which effectively tackle real planning challenges that companies face every day in today’s volatile and demanding markets,” says Hicham Lahlou, managing partner at frePPLe.

“The partnership with frePPLe is a good strategy for us,” says Maarten Tromp, Director of Product Management at Openbravo. “FrePPLe’s planning capabilities represent an important addition to our product offering for retailers in the areas of sales forecasting, inventory management and replenishment, and one that is fully in line with Openbravo’s philosophy of great functionality delivered through a simple user interface. We look forward to going to market jointly and have no doubts about a rapid and vast acceptance.”

To celebrate this strategic partnership, Openbravo and frePPLe will conduct two webinars in December related to the topic of forecasting and planning for retailers:

  • December, 1: “Demand Forecasting and Inventory Planning in Omnichannel Retail: Ready for the Challenge?”
  • December, 15: “Hands-on Demo for Omnichannel Retailers: Demand Forecasting and Inventory Planning with Openbravo and FrePPLe”

The Openbravo Commerce Suite is a multichannel retail business solution that allows specialty retailers to manage their entire business and transform their physical store channel to deliver great shopping experiences while enabling a greater focus on business differentiation thanks to a highly flexible and extendible commerce technology platform.

FrePPLe is the open-source leader of advanced planning and scheduling tools (APS). It provides an integrated solution for demand forecasting, inventory planning, and production planning.