Between December 23, 2019 and January 17, 2020, frePPLe ran a poll here. Users could cast their votes on the features they’d like to see added to the software.

Here are the results, followed by comments from the development team.


Description Percentage of votes
Extra documentation and examples on the current features and fields. 18 %
More flexible/performant data loading and integration APIs to get data in and out of the application. 13 %
More what-if scenarios. Currently only 3 scenario slots are available by default. 12 %
Ability to save filter conditions or report structures to easily return to or switch between 11 %
Additional capabilities to create custom reports. 9 %
A graphical editor to maintain calendars: the screen to maintain calendars is not really easy and intuitive. 7 %
Extra rules to reconcile forecast with customer orders (proration and allocation on current bucket, consumption of forecast by customer orders) 7 %
Simpler ways to filter reports: the filter dialog is too complex for the filters you use every day. 6 %
Extra features and usability to track the shop floor status in frePPLe. 5 %
More user friendly way to manage demand outliers. 2 %
Ability to see how the delivery date of sales orders changes over time or after changes in the input data. 2 %
Move parts of what-if scenarios to Production scenario 2 %
Extra reports and/or extra information fields to the reports. 0 %
A flashy Christmas theme to refresh the look and feel of the user interface. 0 %

Many thanks to all who voted!

These findings are very useful feedback to us, and you can expect quite a few of those to be implemented soon.

  • The documentation will be improved and restructured. We’ll structure it around functional features, examples, and videos.
  • The number of what-if scenarios has already been increased from 3 to 6 for new environments. We haven’t automatically added the extra scenarios to existing environments. Existing customers that feel constrained with their current 3 environments can contact us and we’ll add them.
  • Bookmarks to save & reuse report filters were already high on our features roadmap.
  • We’ll also work on some form of report manager to create custom reports.

On some topics, we’ll need further input. Especially on the topic of data loading and integration APIs, we’d like to dig a level deeper with some voters to learn about the pains in this area and what we could do to overcome these. We’ll reach out to some of you, but you can contact us if you volunteer to elaborate on your specific feedback and needs.

Nobody voted for a Christmas theme for the user interface. Maybe people will vote for an Easter/spring theme when we run another vote in a few months?