We have decided to change our pricing model from April 1st — and this is no April’s fool, in case you were wondering. 🙂 From then on, the cloud edition of frePPLe will no longer be accessible for free as it used to be if you had less than 1000 items x locations.

We have launched a 30-day trial model. It means users will now have to decide between becoming paying customers or dropping out after one month.

What it means for you ?

For our existing customers, nothing changes. We’re glad you invested in frePPLe, to begin with, and we’re happy that you bear with us!

For our current free users, you will see a 30-day countdown appearing on your screen. If you wish to continue using frePPLe after April 30th, please contact sales@frepple.com. Thank you for using frePPLe. We’re sure it eases your production planning and/or forecasting. Thank you as well to understand that we do our best to deliver the best value to you. Being a small company, we sometimes need to make hard choices.

For all new users, welcome! The same applies to you. You will see a 30-day countdown appearing on your dashboard on the first day you register. You will then have 30 days to try frePPLe.

For students and academic users, please contact us to get unlimited access.