FrePPLe, a leading innovator in production planning, leverages the open-source model to make production planning available to all types of organizations, regardless of their size, level of expertise, and budgetary constraints.

1. Fully functional software

FrePPLe is the most open production planning software available today. It’s community edition isn’t a “light”, “crippled”, or “trial” product you’ll get from other vendors. It provides a rich set of functionalities to support your planning process without any size, time, or other restrictions. It is freely downloadable, usable and extendible under the Affero GPL v3 license.

The enterprise edition provides more advanced functionalities such as demand planning, Gantt chart view, web service API, order quoting, etc.

More importantly, the enterprise edition adds enterprise-level technical support to respond to technical or functional issues and legal guarantees of intellectual property protection (IP indemnification).


2. No barrier to adoption

Do you need a production planning tool right now? Download frePPLe’s community edition and start using it immediately! It is completely free, which means that you don’t need to justify it to management or launch a formal procurement process before solving your planning problem.

You won’t spend any time on administration tasks and won’t need any vendor face time to get started. Use the product in an unlimited mode for as long as you like.


3. The strength of a community

When one refers to open source, the community is also there. Open-source users benefit from the strength of this community, both in terms of support and product development.

We encourage contributions from our users who develop connectors and features or modify the source code, thus giving back their contributions to the larger community.


4. Enterprise-grade support

Contrary to popular belief, commercial open-source vendors provide real support services, identical in type and quality to those offered by proprietary vendors.

Our experienced team and partner network are ready to help you in configuring, integrating, and customizing the product to your needs. They will guide you through the transition of your planning process.

Our support plans offer the same quality as the largest proprietary vendors.


5. Optimized time and cost

Open-source tools are typically 50% to 80% cheaper than equivalent proprietary solutions on the market. They are also less expensive to deploy, maintain, and support.

Combine this with the direct business benefits you will gain from implementing improved planning software, and you’ll have a compelling return on investment.



Planning processes continually evolve to meet the changing requirements of your organization, suppliers, customers, and markets. Open-source software provides a compelling platform to meet these challenges in the most agile and cost-effective way.

In many other application domains, open-source software is already well established and competes with the best of proprietary vendors. FrePPLe is now offering the same open-source benefits in the domain of advanced planning and scheduling.


What are you waiting for?

Test it now in our live demo environment, try it for free, or download the community edition.

Johan De Taeye

Johan De Taeye

Johan is an engineer at heart. He worked 10 years for i2 (now jda), then another 10 years optimizing supply chain management for his clients. He founded frePPLe in 2011.