What’s new


Customer support

  • Cloud customers can now chat with customer support from the help menu. After a while we will remove the chat widget that is currently present on every page.
    We’ve experimented with various locations for the chat widget, and every time we get the feedback that its location is inconvenient.
    Free trial users will still get the chat widget on every page.


User interface

  • Restructured the edit forms for all entities. The main fields are now clearly separated from advanced fields and related objects.
  • The comment and audit trail functionality has been completely revamped.
    You can now upload attachments.
    You can also follow objects. When there are changes to it, you will get a notification in your inbox.
    This feature will be further improved in the next releases.
  • A calendar view on manufacturing orders, purchase orders and distribution orders is now available.
    It displays as events on a calendar.
    More to come on this in the next releases!
  • Users can now upload an avatar image.
  • Updated the list of default fields in all reports. By default we keep the reports now as lean as possible. More advanced fields are hidden by default.
  • New “is child of” filter operator that makes it easy to filter data for a part of the item, location or customer hierarchy.
  • Bug fix: filtering on choice fields was broken when a language different from English is used. 

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