Plan your production in minutes!


From planning in Excel...

Are you constantly

  • fighting fires?
  • copy/pasting for hours to collect the data?
  • adjusting the plan manually?
  • dealing with inconsistent plans across the company?

... to the next level of productivity.

Compute optimized plans. Integrate your data with the ERP system. Collaborate on the plan within the company.


With frePPLe, everything is always under control in our production department. Making better decisions has become a fast, easy, and obvious process, even in highly complex situations. I can now clearly identify critical spots, manage them on time, and anticipate the market's demands.

Paolo Giacomelli
Production Planning Manager



I found frePPle advanced planning system to be an automation enabler, paving way for scalability, allowing less effort per person, fewer human errors, and providing new metrics for informed decisions.

Giles Creswell
Automation Consultant

Syntegra Solutions

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