Our partners are local consulting & services companies. They will assist you when implementing frePPLe and/or develop add-on modules, so that you can leverage your frePPLe solution to its best.


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Demand 2 Plan


IVC Inform


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China / Hong Kong / Indonesia / Vietnam

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India / Singapore / Malaysia / Indonesia

Become a partner

When implementing a supply chain planning solution like frePPLe, it is understandable that you would need help along the way. That’s why our team provides service packs to guide you through the different steps, and our local partner also assists you at your premises.

Based on our experience with partners, we found out that some criteria are key to successful partnerships. Therefore we request from our future partners to:

  • Have experience with distribution planning or manufacturing planning softwares.
  • Have a first implementation project starting quickly. Unfortunately, we see too many partnership requests from companies not having a serious candidate in mind. The momentum is quickly lost.
  • Promote frePPLe to their customers (conduct demo sessions, give visibility to frePPLe on their website, etc.)

If you are interested in becoming a partner, please contact us for more information.

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