Distribution planning screen


This module is only available in the Enterprise Edition.

The distribution planning screen is designed for distribution-intensive planning problems. It provides a one-stop screen from which the user can conveniently perform the following actions:

  • The top section of the screen allows to filter and sort item-locations according to planning metrics and various attributes.
    Item-locations requiring attention are easily found.
    The results can be shown in units or in monetary value, and in different time buckets (ie weeks, months, quarters or years).
  • The bottom part has different tabs for different planning aspects.
    Whenever a parameter is changed, you can hit the recalculate button to see the impact on the result.
  • A first tab shows the historical demand and the expected future forecast.
    The demand history in the past periods can be adjusted to remove exceptional demand outliers. Note that the adjustment is added to the actual history.
    The predicted forecast for the future periods can be adjusted if the planner has more information on the expected sales. Note the the manually entered forecast overrides the computed value completely.
    Below the forecast table, the planner can choose the forecast method for the item-location, and review the expected forecast error (evaluated using symmetric mean percentage error, aka SMAPE). After hitting the recompute button you can immediately see the updated forecast, inventory plan and replenishment transactions.
    See the documentation of the inventory planning module to understand each parameter.

  • A second tab shows the planned inventory profile.
    Per period you can review the demand and supply. The reorder quantity and the safety stock are also displayed, and can be overridden in specific periods by the planner.
    Below the plan table, the parameters affecting the inventory plan are displayed. You can change the parameter values, and hit the recompute button to immediately see the updated inventory plan and replenishment transactions.

  • The third tab shows the planned and ongoing transactions that are currently ongoing or proposed by frePPLe. The list shows purchase orders, incoming distribution orders and outgoing distribution orders.
    Date, quantity, item and supplier can be edited for proposed transactions.
    When one or more rows are selected, the action list becomes active which is used to change the status of the transaction.
    If the Openbravo connector app is activated, the dropdown allows the planner to immediately export the transaction immediately towards Openbravo.

  • A next tab shows free-text comments on the item, location and item-location. New comments can be added.

  • The last tab shows the editing history of the item, location and item-location.