Order quoting module


This module is only available in the Enterprise Edition.

When receiving a new order or a quote traditional ERP systems will promise a delivery date that is based on the inventory of the end product and a fixed lead time. For make-to-order environments with complex capacity and material constraints this will result in infeasible or extra-conservative delivery dates being promised to your customers.

FrePPLe’s order quoting module performs a capable-to-promise check which allows you to obtain much more accurate and reliable delivery dates. It performs an on-line check of all available stock, capacity and raw material availability. The promise date it computes considers all material, capacity and time constraints.


  • Capable-to-promise check across all levels in the bill of material.
  • Returns the earliest feasible delivery date for the complete quantity, or can also propose partial shipments.
  • In case the delivery date requested by the customer isn’t feasible, the module also returns the reasons why this is the case.
  • Very fast reply in less than a second through a memory-resident planning engine.
  • The module can be used from a screen in the frePPLe user interface.
  • It is also possible to access the functionality as a web service. This allows the functionality to be accessed on-line by other systems.