Inventory detail report

The report shows the details of all material production into and consumption from buffers.

Field Description
Buffer Buffer name.
Operation Name of the operation producing or consuming material.
Quantity Amount being produced (positive number) or consumed (negative number).
Date of the stock movement.
Inventory that is reported as onhand at the start of the plan will be shown with 1/1/1971 as date.
Onhand Available inventory in the buffer after this particular stock movement.
Indication of the urgency of the operationplan.
A criticality of 0 indicates that the operationplan is on the critical path of one or more demands.
Higher criticality values indicate a delay of the operationplan will not immediately impact the delivery of any demand.
A criticality of 999 indicates an operationplan that isn’t used at all to meet any demand.
Locked Locked operationplans are frozen and can’t be touched during planning. Such operationplans model for instance confirmed supplier deliveries, work in progress operations, etc.
Operationplan Identifier of the operation plan planning the stock movement.
Inventory detail report