This table contains all the resources you wish to introduce in your supply chain.
There are three types of resources in frepple: continuous resources, bucketized resources and infinite resources.
This page will only consider continuous resources, please refer to the advanced topics for details about other resource types.

By default, frepple will create for an operation as many work orders as needed to meet the demand. You might not this to happen if an operation is modeling a machine that can only produce one batch at a time. Therefore you will need a continuous resource of capacity one to make sure that only one work order can use an operation at the same time.

You can also use continuous resources to model a pool of machines. If you have 3 identical machines, then you can model only one operation in frepple and use a continuous resource of capacity 3 to allow a maximum of 3 work orders to use that operation at the same time.

Key Fields

Field Type Description
name non-empty string Unique name of the resource.
location location The resource location.
type non-empty string
Possible values are : “Default”, “Buckets”, “Infinite”
For continuous resources, the Default type should be used.
maximum number The resource capacity.

Advanced topics