Operation detail report

The report shows the details of all operations planned. It displays their start date, end date and quantity.

Field Description
Operationplan Identifier of this operation instance.
Operation Name of the operation.
Quantity Quantity of the operationplan.
Start date Start date of the operationplan.
End date
End date of the operationplan.
Note that in case of unavailable time, the difference between the start and end date can be bigger than the specified duration of the operation. For instance, if the weekends are modelled as unavailable time, an operation with a duration of 1 day can start on friday 7AM and end on monday 7AM.
Indication of the urgency of the operationplan.
A criticality of 0 indicates that the operationplan is on the critical path of one or more demands.
Higher criticality values indicate a delay of the operationplan will not immediately impact the delivery of any demand.
A criticality of 999 indicates an operationplan that isn’t used at all to meet any demand.

Status of the operationplan:

  • proposed: newly proposed by the planning tool
  • approved: approved by the planner, but not yet launched in the ERP system
  • confirmed: ongoing transaction, controlled by the ERP system and not changeable in frePPLe
  • closed: operation has finished
Total unavailable time over the duration of the operationplan.
Continuing on the above example, the unavailable time would be 2 days.
Owner In case of nested operationplans this field shows the identifier of the owning operationplan. This applies to alternate operations and to routing operations.
Operation detail report