Resource detail report

The report shows the details of all loading on the resources.

Field Description
Resource Resource name.

Type of the operation:

  • MO: Manufacturing order
  • PO: Purchase order
  • DO: Distribution order
Name of the operation loading the resource.
If the name is ‘setup operation’ this load plan shows a conversion of the resource to a new setup.
Start date Date when the load plan starts.
End date Date when the load plan ends.
Operationplan quantity Quantity of the operationplan.
Load quantity Size of the loadplan.
Indication of the urgency of the operationplan.
A criticality of 0 indicates that the operationplan is on the critical path of one or more demands.
Higher criticality values indicate a delay of the operationplan will not immediately impact the delivery of any demand.
A criticality of 999 indicates an operationplan that isn’t used at all to meet any demand.
Inventory Status The Inventory Status of the operationplan.

Status of the operationplan:

  • proposed: newly proposed by the planning tool
  • approved: approved by the planner, but not yet launched in the ERP system
  • confirmed: ongoing transaction, controlled by the ERP system and not changeable in frePPLe
  • closed: operation has finished
Setup Setup of the resource during this loading.
Operationplan Identifier of the operation plan loading the resource.
Resource detail report