Operation materials

The Operation Materials table defines what item(s) an operation is consuming and producing.

If an operation Op is consuming 2 units of part A and 1 unit of part B to produce 1 unit of part C, then this table should contain three records:

operation quantity item type
Op -2 A Start
Op -1 B Start
Op 1 C End

Key Fields

Field Type Description
operation operation The operation name consuming and producing items.
quantity number The quantity of item consumed or produced. A negative quantity should be used for consumed items and positive quantity should be used for produced items.
item item The item being consumed or produced.
type non-empty string
This field is used to specify whether the stock should be consumed/produced at the start or at the end of the operation.
Possible values : “Start”, “End”, “Fixed start”, “Fixed end”.
Start : This is typical to consumed items. The item is consumed at the beginning of the operation.
End : This is typical to produced items. The item is produced at the end of the operation.

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