Boost your Productivity

Get rid of your planning Excel spreadsheets for good.


Cut down on stockouts and overstocks in your inventory.

Deliver on Time

Get those delays and rush orders under control.

Demand Forecasting

Anticipate your supply needs and let your planners and sales teams work together.

Anticipate Demand

Foresee trends and seasonality.

Measure your capacity

Integrate your forecast to your production plan.

Inventory Planning

Plan your inventory and compute safety stocks, reorders frequencies and quantities while following inventory policies all at once. 

Control your Stocks

Reorder on time, and only when it's time.

Reach Top Service Levels

No more stock-outs.

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Production Planning & Scheduling

Generate finite-capacity production plans and schedules constrained by resource capacities, personnel availability, material availability and lead times.

Deliver On Time

Get delays and rush orders under control.

Get rid of Spreadsheets

Ditch your planning Excel sheets for good.

Shop Floor Control

Execute and monitor your plan on the shop floor.

Track work in progress

Let your operators report progress for each task.

Update in real time

Refresh your plan based on real-time data from the shop floor.

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