Inventory Planning

Plan your inventory by computing safety stocks, reordering frequencies and quantities based on inventory policies.


Cut down on stockouts and overstocks in your inventory.


Reorder on time, and only when it's time.


Segment your Stock

Set up tailored inventory policies for your products segments.

Watch your Stock

Compute a safety stock.

Adjust your service level.

Minimize stockouts and overstocks.

Simplify reorders

Track movements in your inventory.

Compute the optimal reorder quantities.

Determine how often you should replenish your inventory.

Segment your SKUs

Create segmented lists of items.

Apply tailored business rules to your segments.

Alleviate your workflows.

Automate replenishment

Generate orders for the right product, the right quantity, the right date at the right location.

Identify your stock excess and transfer it where requested.

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