Plastic molding

Planning production on molding machines is hard. Press capacity, mold capacity, staff availability, and long setup time on the presses make it a complex industry. Serving your customer orders on time in this dynamic and difficult environment is quite a challenge.

Deliver on Time

Bring down delays on your customer orders and get rush orders under control.

use resources better

Improve setup time, tool, machine, and operator availability. 


Boost your Productivity

Get rid of your planning Excel spreadsheets and start planning better and faster.

Reduce Setup Time

Mold and material changes are very time-consuming and need to be carefully planned.

To intelligently allocate resources, you can use frePPLe's resource setup matrices. You'll be able to grasp at a glance which machines, presses, and molds are available in your schedule.


PLAN Mold with Press

Alternate machines, mold availability, and complex matching between presses and molds can seriously complicate your productivity, and ultimately your time-to-deliver metrics. 

With frePPLe, you can solve material, capacity, and lead time constraints simultaneously and within minutes. It makes a significant difference in your machines setup time.


Manage OPERATOR Skillsets

Your operators are certified to perform specific operations.

You can define your operators' availability and skillsets as constraints in frePPLe. You'll be able to allocate them to the right machine at the right moment.   

You can thus optimize the time they spend on each machine and use their skills efficiently.



Schedule on the Fly

You need to update your plan constantly in order to adapt to sudden changes in demand, resource availability, and material supply.

FrePPLe integrates a Gantt chart display where you can intuitively visualize and edit your daily schedule.

It is an interactive tool. Just drag and drop jobs along the chain. Your new schedule will be automatically displayed based on your constraints.  

Build a Flexible Model

FrePPLe's model capacity fits a wide range of discrete manufacturing industries, supporting a mix of make-to-stock, configure-to-order and make-to-order products.

Complex bills of materials, alternate resources, alternate materials, setup matrices, availability calendars, ... They are all efficiently represented in the application. 


Complete your Planning

Take control over your complete supply chain.

Use the demand forecasting module to generate a sales forecast and quickly evaluate the implications on your capacity needs for resources, tools, and people.

Try the inventory planning module to manage your safety stocks for make-to-stock end items and raw materials.

Elcam Medical Case Study

Elcam’s production facilities include 50 plastic molding machines. Generating a feasible production schedule is quite challenging giving the interaction of constraints on press and mold availability, press changeover times and alternative production options. 

Read more on how Elcam Medical was able to drastically improve their planning & scheduling processes. 


With frePPLe, everything is always under control in our production department. Making better decisions has become a fast, easy, and obvious process, even in highly complex situations. I can now clearly identify critical spots, manage them on time, and anticipate the market's demands.

Paolo Giacomelli, Production Planning Manager at Camunacavi


I really find frePPLe an innovative product in the way it is delivered with ease to potential users and in the way it works. As a long time business angel, I sometimes see high success potential in my business partners and wish I had the time to contribute to make it happen!

Gianluca Menghi, General Manager at Elcam Medical


I found frePPle advanced planning system to be an automation enabler, paving way for scalability, allowing less effort per person, fewer human errors, and providing new metrics for informed decisions.

Giles Creswell, Automation Consultant at Syntegra Solutions

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