Spare Parts and MRO

MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Operations) businesses have a hard time planning their inventory. Customers focus on maximizing equipments' uptime. The MRO supplier has to make sure spare parts are available to face any type of maintenance while keeping stock levels under control.

Increase Service Levels

Cut down on stock-outs and overstocks in your inventory.

Control your Stock

Reorder on time, and only when it’s time. 


Boost your Productivity

Get rid of your planning Excel spreadsheets for good. 

Predict your future demand

Forecasting is the cornerstone of MRO businesses. This is where everything starts.

It is crucial to determine how many spare parts you need based on maintenance event, location and equipment type for both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.

This can all be swiftly computed with frePPLe's demand forecasting module. 

Avoid Stock-outs

Most contracts for unscheduled maintenance events are based on service level agreements (SLA) between MRO suppliers and their customers. You really want to get out of an AOG (Aircraft on Ground) situation fast.

FrePPLe computes a safety stock based on your forecast history and the service level you want to provide. 

This allows you to respect your contracts while keeping inventory levels under control.



In frePPLe, you can create products segments to which you apply diverse business rules on top of your inventory policies.

You're then able to fine-tune your service levels management while respecting your safety stock, and, by extension, the agreement with your customers.


Manage Kitting

Kitting, bundling, and co-packing requests are frequent when you deal with spare parts. They are impossible to handle with planning spreadsheets. 

With frePPLe, you work it out within seconds. You know exactly where to find how many products to assemble the number of kits or bundles you need. 


Cut on Overstock

With frePPLe, you can manage excess or obsolete inventory items.

Identifying stock in a location where it is either not required anymore or in excess is common for a MRO businesses.

Transhipments (or stock rebalancing) allows you to dispatch no longer needed inventory or inventory in abundance to locations where it is needed.

SAIC Case Study

Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC) is a US-based technology integrator providing solutions in IT, software, cyber-security, advanced analytics, and engineering. One of their contracts includes managing the logistics of tires supplying parts to the troops in more than 60 countries.

Read more on how SAIC was able to generate complex plans with a whole set of aggregated parameters across multiple locations.


With frePPLe, everything is always under control in our production department. Making better decisions has become a fast, easy, and obvious process, even in highly complex situations. I can now clearly identify critical spots, manage them on time, and anticipate the market's demands.

Paolo Giacomelli, Production Planning Manager at Camunacavi


I really find frePPLe an innovative product in the way it is delivered with ease to potential users and in the way it works. As a long time business angel, I sometimes see high success potential in my business partners and wish I had the time to contribute to make it happen!

Gianluca Menghi, General Manager at Elcam Medical


I found frePPle advanced planning system to be an automation enabler, paving way for scalability, allowing less effort per person, fewer human errors, and providing new metrics for informed decisions.

Giles Creswell, Automation Consultant at Syntegra Solutions

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