Odoo Connector

Boost Odoo ERP with advanced forecasting & planning capabilities.

Odoo is a leading open source business management software. 

However, in the face of advanced planning for manufacturing and inventory management, it's just not robust enough. As complex decision-making processes require complex analysis of your production flows, and your supply chain planner has no choice but to use Excel spreadsheets on the side.

When you integrate and synchronize frePPLe with Odoo, you give your teams a powerful tool for making advanced planning decisions.

Tight integration

The connector imports data from Odoo and exports your planning results back to Odoo. Both user interfaces are integrated with a single sign-on and a common styling.

Easy Customization

Implemented as an Odoo add-on module, the connector can easily be tailored to fit your Odoo configurations and customizations.

Boost your Productivity

Data flow both ways between frePPLe and Odoo to free you from copying and pasting between spreadsheets.


Allocate your material and capacity intelligently to the most important demands.

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