Openbravo Connector

Boost Openbravo ERP with advanced forecasting and planning capabilities.

The Openbravo Commerce Suite allows retailers to transform their physical store channel, progress in their omnichannel strategies and achieve a higher level of operational agility.

Coupling Openbravo’s execution capabilities with the advanced planning features of frePPLe will guarantee a powerful boost and fast return on investment for your company.

As frePPLe is the official partner of Openbravo for forecasting and planning, our development teams are in direct contact and you have access to a certified integration.

Increase your service levels

Make smarter and better forecast,  inventory and replenishment decisions to better serve your customers.

Adapt to fast market changes

Automatically adjust forecast and inventory to trends and alert planners when a sudden change occurs.

Improve forecast accuracy

Use statistical methods to accurately predict future sales, and fine tune it with market information from sales teams.

Reduce your stock levels

Define inventory policies for segments of products and locations to avoid overstocks and stockouts.

Two-way data integration

Enjoy a complete synchronization between your frePPLe and Openbravo databases. When you create new production requirements, purchase or distribution orders in frePPLe, it is simultaneously created in Openbravo. 

No Additional Module

The connector communicates with Openbravo thanks to the standard web services API. You need no supplementary modules in Openbravo.

Easy Customization

You get the connector's Python source code so that you can tailor your personal environment. 

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