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Demand Forecasting

Anticipate your supply needs and let your planners and sales teams work together.

Inventory Planning

Plan your inventory and compute safety stocks, reorders frequencies and quantities while following inventory policies.

Production Planning

Review and edit your production schedule on frePPLe’s interactive Gantt chart, the Plan Editor. 


See frepple integrated in the popular Odoo ERP system.

Demand Forecasting

How can I upload my forecast values?

How can I forecast a new item?

How can I share the forecast with my sales team?

Where can I check the forecast accuracy?

Inventory Planning

How can I identify and review items with stockout risk?

How can I apply a fixed safety stock to one item-location?

How can I review the inventory situation of an item across my network?

Where can I find stock excess situations?

Production Planning

How can I update my plan when a machine breaks down?

How can I input my operators’ shifts or holidays?

How can I track down bottleneck resources?

How can I optimize my plan in the GANTT chart plan editor?