We are proud to announce the availability of frePPLe v4.0.

You can download the community edition for a local installation here or sign up for a 30-day free trial of the enterprise edition.

FrePPLe 4.0 brings a bunch of exciting new features:

  • Easier modeling through data model changes: see this page for details.
  • Planning speed improvements through data model changes (see below).
  • A new Gantt chart "Plan editor" screen is now available to visualize, review and interact with the manufacturing schedule (enterprise edition).
  • A helpful integrated modeling wizard guides first-time users to configure frePPLe for their business in a simple sequence of steps.
  • Revamped structure of the documentation to make it more user-centric and less tech-centric.
  • The Odoo connector is now supported on v9. Odoo and frePPLe are now also integrated at the user interface level: frePPLe screens can be added to the Odoo menus and can be visited by users without logging in again.
  • Various enhancements to the Openbravo connector.
  • As usual, quite a lot of usability improvements, code refactoring and bug fixes went into this release as well.


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