We are happy to announce our newest quarterly release.
It brings a long list of big and small improvements.

User interface improvements

The user-friendliness of the user interface is key to us.

  • All reports can now be sorted on multiple columns.
  • A lot of screens have extra, optional fields to provide users with additional context information.
  • The main screens now all support filtering by segment.
  • Improved layout of exported Excel files.
  • Enhanced capabilities to upload and manage CSV data files.
  • Enhanced capabilities to export plan information in a set of CSV data files.
  • Performance improvements in various screens and data uploads.
  • Password strength verification and ability to reset a forgotten password.
  • Added German translations.

Updated model building wizard and dynamic menu

The model building wizard has been reworked. It is now organised as a path to gradually unlock extra features in your model.

The menus are now dynamic. If your model isn't ready yet to use certain features, these are hidden from the menu. Once you complete the steps to unlock those features, they become visible.

Odoo connector supports v10

The connector has been upgraded to supported the latest version 10 of Odoo.

Various improvements:

  • The performance of the plan generation algorithm has been significantly improved. The speedup varies from model to model, depending on the features used and the constraints the planning algorithm needs to solve.
  • Reduced memory footprint. Especially in larger models with complex integration workflows, the difference will be significant.
  • Inventory planning calculations are now smoothed over time.
    This avoids unnecessary nervous variations of the safety stock and replenishment quantities.
  • Ability to categorize items based on their historical demand. FrePPLe recognizes the demand pattern as "smooth", "intermittent", "lumpy" or "erratic" according to the logic described in our demand classification article. The item class is very helpful in setting the appropriate inventory planning parameters.
  • Enhanced remote API
    The capabilities to launch planning tasks remotely through a web API has been greatly improved.
    The details can be found on https://frepple.com/docs/4.2/integration-guide/remote-commands.html
  • Various bug fixes.