Pharmaceuticals Manufacturer

How frePPLe helps Qualiphar improve customer satisfaction through enhanced supply chain visibility, better make-to-order lead times, and drop in out-of-stock situations.

The Company

Qualiphar is a Belgian manufacturer of pharmaceuticals. A family-run business since 1937, they specialize in the research, development, production, and marketing of medications and healthcare products.

With production sites in Belgium and France, Qualiphar is a market leader and exports to more than 60 countries worldwide.

The Challenge

Before implementing frePPLe, Qualiphar’s supply chain planners used to work using a bunch of Excel files, and nothing was bundled. Jan-Karl Verlinden, Supply Chain Manager, recalls: “Everything was in the heads of a handful of people, we were dependent on them. Only one or two people were at the center of everything. If they forgot something, it meant the whole organization forgot it. They were experiencing a lot of pressure constantly, getting phone calls from all over the company.”

Due to the lack of insight and fluidity in information flows, delays and mistakes were not only inevitable but also unsolvable. The whole supply chain was affected by an internal incapacity to identify key planning issues, track them, and address them. This generated frustration, failure on delivery promises, and high inventory costs. It became clear that old ways of working no longer matched the company’s needs as it grew in complexity.

The Solution

When implementing frePPLe, the team seized the opportunity to adjust the data they work with every day. Jan-Karl Verlinden says: “Thanks to frePPLe, we started learning about our master data as well. We got very strange outcomes using frePPLe at first. There were wrong results and we learned that was because some data were not maintained correctly in our ERP system. We slowly started to improve the structure of the master data. We learned a lot. Better results from frePPLe means better processes for the company in retrospect.”

As it is very important for Qualiphar to reinvent themselves, they were very keen on taking part in software implementation and training. “With Johan De Taeye (frePPLe’s Founder), we had in-depth discussions on our production planning process and what it should look like. We had to try and fail in order to learn, and his approach was very useful. Now we have a way better view on the future than we had in the past,” adds Jan-Karl Verlinden.

With frePPLe, everyone in the company now has a view on the supply chain from start to finish. In practice, this allows to build bridges between the company departments as well as communicate much more accurate and up-to-date material requirements.

The impact of late raw materials on the production plan is also immediately visible. The whole company benefits from the insights frePPLe provides. Out of stock situations happen much less often as the team is capable of tracking their causes and solving the related issues.

The supply chain planner's time shifted from time-consuming manual planning to analysis and problem resolution tasks. Overall, improved supply chain visibility leads to increased service levels, increased customer satisfaction, lower inventory levels, and lower production costs. The path toward continuous improvement is ongoing with frePPLe.


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