plan editor

The plan editor gives production planners an interactive Gantt chart to review and adjust the production schedule. See in live demo

forecast editor

The forecast editor allows demand planners to review the demand history and the forecast computed by the application. See in live demo

distribution planning screen

The distribution planning screen allows inventory planners to manage inventories levels across stores, warehouses and factories. See in live demo

suppl path screen

The supply path report visualizes the entire product structure from components till the finished product. See in live demo

demand plan screen

Reviewing the delivery plan for an order. See in live demo


The resource report shows an overview of the loading of the machines and operators. See in live demo

inventory plan screen

The inventory report shows the planned on-hand profile for all materials. See in live demo

data management, excel import and excel export

FrePPLe provides powerful data management capabilities. Data can easily be imported from Excel spreadsheets and exported to Excel spreadsheets. See in live demo

Browser based
The frePPLe user interface supports all modern web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge.

Easy and intuitive workflows
Easy navigation, dashboards, graphs, search capabilities create a great user experience.

Easy spreadsheet integrations
Data can easily be imported from and exported to spreadsheets. Migrating an existing Excel based process to frePPLe’s multi-user web-based application enhance planner productivity, and facilitates communication and collaboration on the plan.

FrePPLe is available in English, Dutch, French, Chinese, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese and Italian.
With every release additional languages are contributed by the user community.