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MIT opencourseware on operations management

MIT opencourseware on supply chain management

Top 5 reasons to consider an open source planning solution

frePPLe statistics on Ohloh.com

frePPLe presenting on OpenERP days

We will be demonstrating the integrated solution OpenERP+frePPLe during the OpenERP days – June 4-6.

Beta 2.2 release available!

A first step in our series of mini-releases to bring the product and user experience to a new level…

Wanted: beta-testers for integrations with OpenERP and Openbravo

We have developed a 2-way integration between frePPLe and OpenERP, as well as between frePPLe and Openbravo.

Release 2.1 is available

The new release brings Linux packages, an application tour, Chinese and Japanese translations, and much more…