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Finite capacity and material planning
Import and export Excel files
What-if scenarios
Openbravo integration
Odoo integration
Inventory planning
Interactive Gantt chart
Order due date quoting
Server On premise Cloud On premise
License AGPL Terms of service Proprietary license
Embed in another product Only allowed in
AGPL-compliant products
OEM license agreement possible


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0 euro/month billed annually

Service pack (*)
8741 euro / 70 hours
*: optional, but recommended

The price varies with the selected modules and the number of planned item x locations combinations.
The same price applies to both the Cloud Edition and the Enterprise Edition.

Demand forecasting
Compute and manage future sales forecast.
Inventory planning
Optimize inventory levels with smart safety stock and replenishment quantities.
Also generates replenishment plans with purchase orders and distribution orders.
Production planning
Generate finite-capacity manufacturing plans.
Openbravo connector
Contact us for info on the two-way integration with Openbravo Business Suite.

Number of planned item x location combinations

Less than 1000 item x locations – Free Cloud Edition *
Less than 20000 item x locations
Between 20000 and 50000 item x locations
Between 50000 and 100000 item x locations
Between 100000 and 200000 item x locations
Between 200000 and 300000 item x locations
Between 300000 and 400000 item x locations
Between 400000 and 500000 item x locations
     Above 500000 item x locations – Contact us

Only actively planned item x locations are counted, ie combinations for which demand records exist or which are held in stock. Simply multiplying the total number of items with the total number of locations may overestimate the number of planned item x locations: only a subset of the items is usually active in each location.

Service pack

We recommend an optional service packages of 0 hours.
Getting up and running with a planning tool takes some time: learn the application, migrating your planning data, customize workflows, build data interfaces,… By purchasing a service pack, you can call in frePPLe expert help to assist you along this journey. It is an important help for a quick and smooth implementation project.
These hours in the service pack don’t expire – allowing you to utilize them whenever you need support.

* The service level, data backup and data security policies are outlined in the terms of service.
The free tier doesn’t come with any service level guarantee.