The price of your frePPLe deployment will consist of a yearly or monthly subscription, plus implementation and training services.

Your subscription price depends on the selected modules and the number of planned item x location combinations.

Model size

Less than 20,000 item x locations

An item x location pair describes items which have inventory or material movements at a location within the planning horizon.


Z  Demand forecasting
Z  Inventory planning
Z  Production planning

 882 /month

when billed monhtly


749 /month

when billed annually



Implementing frePPLe is a project involving IT and business people. Here is an overview of what a typical implementation project looks like.

In practice, there’s no such thing as one solution for all. Each company is different, with specific supply chain processes. That’s why we offer tailored services to our customers to help them get started with frePPLe.



This is a customized 2-day workshop at the end of which you’ll be able to evaluate frePPLe’s capabilities and present solid proof of concept to your management. In other words, the workshop covers the first phase in your implementation project.

During this workshop, our team helps you identify and import the right data into frePPLe. This does not include integration with your ERP system. At this stage, we upload Excel files in a dedicated environment to start building a minimum viable model of you supply chain.

The workshop can take place on your premises or remotely depending on location and availability. Travel fees are not included.


A full implementation project comprises the integration with your ERP system as well as crucial customizations that your company requires. Though you probably can learn, evangelize, and implement 80% of frePPLe by yourself, there will always remain a critical 20% part of the project where you will need our assistance.

Some custom development will be needed to integrate frePPLe in your IT landscape. Once the integration is well under way, data will flow both ways between frePPLe and the ERP.

One of frePPLe's greatest advantage is to be a very flexible tool: it can be adapted to your particular use case. Our team is there to help you identify which aspects can be tailored. New parameters are then added to the tool specifically for you. 

We also provide remote user training sessions so that your entire team is on the same page.


How does the free trial work?

You have a free access during 30 days. After that, you will be asked to subscribe to continue to access your account.

How many users does it allow?

The number of users per account is unlimited. 

How often do you release new updates?

FrePPLe uses semantic versioning. We publish a minor release about once a month and a major release approximately once a year. 

Will I need help?

Yes, you probably will. Our service packs are designed to provide the help you need to start integrating your ERP data into frePPLe, then model your supply path until it's up and running. Our team is flexible: we can run workshops, remote on locally, or simply answer short questions you might have on our online chat & ticketing tool. 

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can. The payment will stop at the beginning of the next payment period you chose, yearly or monthly. 

How do payments work?

FrePPLe sends invoices and payments are made via traditional bank transfer.

What is an item x location?

The subscription price is based on the number of active item x location pairs (i.e. items which have inventory or material movements at a location within the planning horizon). Raw materials, intermediate materials and final products are considered items.

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