Case Studies


Technology Integrator for the US government

How SAIC was able to generate complex plans with a whole set of aggregated parameters across multiple locations.


Industrial Cables Manufacturer

How Camunacavi was able to cut on late orders, anticipate disturbances, manage rush orders, and considerably improve service levels.

Elcam Medical

Medical Devices

How frePPLe permitted to ease processes and circulation of data within the company.


Demand Forecasting

Inventory Planning

Production planning

Odoo integration

Knowledge Base

How mature is your supply chain planning process?

Are you always planning in firefighting mode? How long does it take for you to update the production or inventory plan? Are you able to truly focus on your planning KPIs?

Here are some tips that will help you determine where you stand and how to bring your planning process to the next level.

Demand classification: why forecastability matters

Have you noticed that, for some products, you just never seem to reach your forecast accuracy objectives? Have you had to relentlessly explain to your management that you can’t do better?

Let us make your day: it’s not your fault. It really isn’t. Here, the metric is to blame.

bullwhip effect decoupling points

Decoupling points in a supply chain

Any supply chain or manufacturing process needs decoupling points where inventory is kept. At the decoupling points, you need to make important decisions on how much inventory to carry.

How to compute a safety stock?

This article covers the art and the science behind computing safety stock.
We cover the theory behind the formulas, but we also describe where and why the planners interpretation comes into the picture.

Community vs Enterprise Edition

“Which version is right for me?” we get asked this question all the time.

Estimate the ROI of your APS implementation

Estimating the ROI / Return On Investment of any software implementation for your company is an art and a science. Check out our template spreadsheet to help and inspire you.


FrePPLe provides 2 solvers, each designed for specific supply chain structures: a manufacturing-oriented solver and a distribution-oriented solver.


4 indications it’s time to replace your Excel planning spreadsheets

A lot of planning processes start out with a spreadsheet: it provides an easy, intuitive and flexible way to structure your data. Times goes on, your planning process grows, and soon enough you end up with an Excel that hurts to look at. 

Planning vs scheduling processes

The terms planning and scheduling are often used interchangeably, but they actually refer to very distinct business processes. The planning process creates a midterm tactical plan, with the purpose of organizing material and capacity timely for the upcoming demand. The scheduling process creates a detailed short term execution plan for individual machines, operators, and materials, taking all constraints into account.

Comparing MRP, Excel spreadsheets & APS

Many ERP systems claim to have integrated planning capabilities. More often than not, they provide only the most basic functionalities, which don't meet the needs of your planners. Result: Your production planners run their process in Excel spreadsheets. Sounds familiar?

Timeline of a project

When you implement a tool like frePPLe in your company, there are various aspects you need to take into account: budget, timeline, requirements, features, integration with your current system, and learning curve. Here is the detailed timeline of a typical project with frePPLe.

why not using an ERP as planning system ?

Many ERP vendors claim they have integrated planning capabilities. But why are so many of their customers using Excel spreadsheets or a dedicated planning tool in parallel with the ERP ? Is your ERP really the right tool for your planning ?

Understanding forecast consumption

The concept of forecast consumption (aka forecast netting) is key for consistently planning a mix of sales orders and forecast.

The forecast module is going open source

We are adding the forecast module in the open source Community Edition

Software license changing from AGPL to MIT

Why we change the license from AGPL to MIT

Starting from 8.0 we are changing the license of the Community Edition from AGPL to MIT.
Read more on the what & why…

Backward or forward scheduling?

What are backward and forward scheduling techniques? How do you choose one over the other and what is the impact on your daily production schedule? Which one works better?

frePPLe production optimization - machine setup time and changeovers

Optimize your production schedules by minimizing machine changeovers

Machine changeover times can have a significant impact on the efficiency and cost of your production. Correctly optimizing your production schedule accordingly is an important objective.

frePPLe production optimization - machine setup time and changeovers

Planning with EXPIRY DATES

Expiration dates are common in many industries.
In this article we’ll explore how these expiry dates add complexity to the jobs of your production and inventory planners.

5 things odoo MRP doesn't DO

We explore some limitations of the odoo MRP module… and the consequences on your planning process.