Plan Ahead, Decide Better

Supply chain planning & scheduling software

Tired of planning your production in Excel?

Get your planning process out of it!


Boost your Productivity

Get rid of your planning Excel spreadsheets. 


Cut down on stockouts and overstocks in your inventory.

Deliver on Time

Get those delays and rush orders under control.

Demand Forecasting

Anticipate your demand needs.

Inventory Planning

Compute safety stocks and reorder quantities & frequencies.

Production Planning & Scheduling

Generate finite-capacity production plans and schedules.


Shop Floor Control

Execute and monitor your plan on the shop floor.

Why frePPLe?


Open Source

FrePPLe is an open-source software with an open core that you can access in the community edition. 


We deeply value transparency, which is why you can access a free trial, public pricing, live demo, online documentation, community edition, etc.


FrePPLe comprises modern architecture and APIs. It can be hosted in the cloud and it's easy to integrate and adapted to the New Ways of Working. 

Fast Implementation

Implementing frePPLe in 10 to 12 weeks is routine. No endless delays. No 6-digit project. 


With frePPLe, everything is always under control in our production department. Making better decisions has become a fast, easy, and obvious process, even in highly complex situations. I can now clearly identify critical spots, manage them on time, and anticipate the market's demands.

Paolo Giacomelli, Production Planning Manager at Camunacavi


I really find frePPLe an innovative product in the way it is delivered with ease to potential users and in the way it works. As a long time business angel, I sometimes see high success potential in my business partners and wish I had the time to contribute to make it happen!

Gianluca Menghi, General Manager at Elcam Medical


I found frePPle advanced planning system to be an automation enabler, paving way for scalability, allowing less effort per person, fewer human errors, and providing new metrics for informed decisions.

Giles Creswell, Automation Consultant at Syntegra Solutions

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