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Johan De Taeye

Johan De Taeye

Managing Partner

Johan is an engineer at heart. He worked 10 years for i2 (now jda), then another 10 years optimizing supply chain management for his clients. He founded frePPLe in 2011.

Hicham Lahlou

Hicham Lahlou

Managing Partner

Hicham is a supply chain expert with more than 15 years of experience in the telecom and aerospace & defense industries. He joined frePPLe as a partner in 2016.

Marie Laenen

Marie Laenen

Business Development Manager

Marie helps startups grow and thrive up the value chain. She has extensive experience in IT and digital transformation. She is in charge of frePPLe's business development.


FrePPLe was born out of the desire to help mid-size companies grow with agility towards smooth production planning and sales forecast management.

Having worked 10 years for i2, one of the leading supply chain software in the 2000s, Johan De Taeye realized something was missing. His clients had the choice between planning their production with rudimentary Excel spreadsheets, or endure a long, painful and costly high-tech software implementation. There had to be another way.

That’s how frePPLe came to be. In 2011, he started creating an open source tool right in between unmanageable spreadsheets and huge software integrations. What began as a hobby project then became a company. In 2016, Hicham Lahlou joined the adventure as managing partner, and the team grew from there.

FrePPLe now works mainly as a SaaS, a very simple piece of cloud software you run on top of your ERP. Though many ERPs have production planning modules, they are often limited to basic features — otherwise supply chain planners wouldn’t need spreadsheets, to begin with. And that’s precisely where frePPLe makes the difference: its advanced planning and scheduling capabilities go far beyond your ERP preset.

Thanks to the support of an open source community, frePPLe has become a key APS solution, a real alternative to large commercial software.

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