Advanced planning for Odoo

FrePPLe adds advanced forecasting, inventory planning, production planning and replenishment planning APS capabilities to Odoo

Still using planning spreadsheets 
in parallel with odoo?


Boost your planning

Get rid of spreadsheets and integrate an advanced planning software in your Odoo


A long Odoo experience

FrePPLe has been continuously proposing connectors for all Odoo versions since Odoo 8

A network of Odoo partners

Many Odoo gold partners trust frePPLe and implement it for their customers


Enhance your Odoo with advanced forecasting capabilities

Frepple analyzes your demand history and generates an intelligent and accurate statistical forecast

Review, edit and share your forecast across your company departments


FrePPLe computes safety stocks and reordering quantities based on segmented business rules

Automated replenishment planning through purchase and distribution orders to fulfill your demand and reach inventory targets.

Export the proposed POs from frePPLe to Odoo.

Focus your planner's time on monitoring inventory policies and managing exceptions. Free up all time lost in copy-pasting and brainless creation of replenishment orders.

PLAN YOUr production

FrePPLe generates manufacturing orders that respect your work centers' capacity and material availability

Review the proposed plan and easily make adjustments

Export the proposed manufacturing orders from frePPLe to Odoo

Focus your planner's time on managing the plan and anticipating bottlenecks. Free up all time lost in copy-pasting and manual planning in spreadsheets.

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Connect Odoo and frePPLe

Follow the steps to connect your existing Odoo instance to a new frePPLe instance and benefit from the advanced planning capabilities of frePPLe in Odoo