Odoo integration

Frepple is an easy-to-implement upgrade for your spreadsheet-based planning processes.

Still using planning spreadsheets 
in parallel with odoo?


Two way integration

Synchronize all master data from odoo with frepple.
Publish planning results to odoo.


Intelligent planning

Bring advanced planning capabilities to odoo.

Quickly replan

Refresh your plan based on real-time data.

Execute and plan

Odoo is the ERP backbone for all master data and executing all transaction.

Frepple provides intelligent decision support to give planners a good overview.

Odoo as ERP backbone

Odoo is the single source system for master data.

Odoo is the system for all transactional data.

frepple AS planner

decision support

Keep an overview of what's happening.

Keep an eye on bottleneck resources, important sales orders and critical materials.

Refresh your plans quickly and easily with real-time data.

Open and transparent

Easy to get started

Dive into the documentation, registering for a 30-day free trial, download the open source Community Edition… there are many ways to learn more.

Open source core

Based on an open source core with a modern and extendible architecture.



We deeply value transparency, which is why you can access a free trial, public pricing, live demo, online documentation, community edition, etc.

Easy to integrate

Flexible integration through REST API, CSV files, Excel files or direct database access.


Easy to extend

Develop custom addons to match your planning problem.


FrePPLe has a modern,  architecture. It can be hosted in the cloud and it’s easy to integrate and adapted to the New Ways of Working.

Built on the shoulders of giants

Based on a trusted and scalable stack of components: Postgresql, Django, Python and Linux.

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