Connect to odoo

Get a plan with your data in 30 minutes

We’ll guide you through 4 easy steps to connect your odoo instance with a free frepple instance.

In 30 minutes you’ll have a frepple plan with your data.

Step 1

Install odoo addon

Install the frepple connector addon from the odoo app store or the github repository.

There are branches for odoo 14, 15 and 16. The connector is compatible with, and works in both the Odoo Community and Enterprise Editions.

Step 2

Register a free trial

Fill out the registration form and try out frepple 30 days for free on our cloud.

Step 3

configurE WITH wizard

Your newly registered frepple environment has a wizard that guides you through the odoo and frepple configuration.

You find the wizard on the home screen under the title “connect to odoo”. 


Step 4

Start planning!

With the configuration done, you can now:

  • Import data from odoo into frepple
  • Generate a plan in frepple
  • Send new purchase orders and manufacturing orders to odoo

The wizard in the application guides you through these steps.