Community Edition

Your hardware

DIY support through user group

Free & open source

Production planning and scheduling

Generate finite material and finite capacity production plans.
An intelligent planning algorithm computes production plans for all sales orders.

Intuitive web-based user interface

A simple-to-use and powerful browser-based multi-lingual web application.

Data integration through Excel, CSV, REST API...

Easily import and export data in CSV or Excel format.
Integrate with other applications through a REST API.

What-if scenarios

Create different versions of your plan to simulate and evaluate alternatives.

Odoo integration

Two-way integration with your Odoo ERP system.

Modern open, extendible and scalable application framework

Frepple has a modern, open and extendible architecture.
Customizations are easy to develop.

Cloud Edition

Frepple cloud infrastructure

Professional support

Closed source

All features of the Community Edition


Demand forecasting

Compute accurate statistical forecasts.
Review, edit and collaborate on the sales forecast.

Inventory planning

Optimally dimension stock levels.
Generate replenishment plans for warehouses and stores.

Interactive gantt chart

Visualize and update production plans in an interactive Gantt chart.

Due date quoting

Compute accurate delivery dates for new sales orders.
The quoted delivery date intelligently considers all material and capacity availability, and returns results within a second.

Setup matrix optimization

Optimize the changeovers in your production plan.
The planning algorithm intelligently groups and orders production orders to minimize the time lost in machine changeovers.

Enterprise Edition

Your hardware

Professional support

Closed source

All features as the Cloud Edition

Same price as the Cloud Edition


Secure on your infrastructure

Company policies or regulations may prevent you from using a cloud-based solution.

Your job to operate, upgrade, backup the infractructure.

A self-hosted application has considerable hidden costs.
Operating the infrastructure, installing and upgrading the application, training your IT-staff, managing backups… all add to the TCO (total cost of ownership).

Careful evaluation of that cost versus the benefits is an important exercise!


To buy or not to buy?

That’s the question

How much does it cost to NOT be on the cloud?