The IT world is changing continuously and fast, and the frePPLe team is moving along.  We are preparing some changes to the way we package the software and the platforms we support.

We’re asking a minute of your time to give us feedback on these changes. 

What will be changing? Why?

Containers, docker and kubernetes have quickly revolutionized the way software is packaged and deployed in the cloud era. The frePPLe team wants to align to this new world.

In a few bullet points this will mean:

Ubuntu Linux will be the only supported platform.
We’ll continue to provide the ubuntu debian package as we do today.

On Linux distributions, Windows, Mac frePPLe can be deployed in a docker container.
You’ll be able to simple pull the software from the github container registry.

The native all-in-one Windows installer will be dropped.
FrePPLe isn’t a desktop application but an enterprise server application.

What does that mean for me?

I’m using the Cloud Edition:
Ignore this poll. Nothing changes for you. The frePPLe team conveniently handles all of this for you.

I’m using the Enterprise Edition on-premise using Ubuntu:
Nothing changes for you.

I’m using the Enterprise Edition on-premise on a Linux or Windows server:
In the long term these changes will impact your frePPLe deployment.  But we’ll provide a flexible transition period that suits you.

I’m using the Community Edition:
You’ll need to adopt the new packaging very quickly…

We’re looking forward to hear from you. Your answer does matter to us!