FrePPLe is founded on open source technologies, and we provide a fully functional open source Community Edition of our product. Open source is in our DNA and a core part of our strategy.

In addition, we provide an Enterprise Edition and a Cloud Edition (only difference the hardware that hosts the software). These build upon the open source foundation with additional functionality and enterprise-grade support.

“Which version is right for me?” we get asked this questions all the time, so let’s answer this.

The Community Edition is for you if…

.. you (and your boss) understand and can live with all of the following:

  • Open source software is source code you download freely from the internet.
    When you download and use the software YOU are 100% responsible for it.
  • FrePPLe as a company does NOT support the Community Edition software. 
    All support is done by the community on github.
  • The Community Edition is thus for tech enthusiasts that are capable to install, configure and maintain the software in self-service DIY mode.

The Enterprise or Cloud Edition are for you if…

… either of the following applies:

  • You need the extra functionalities these versions provide.
  • Your use of the software is business-critical and needs professional care and support.
  • You don’t have the time and/or the team to implement, configure and maintain the software yourself.

Question: Can we purchase support & services for the the open source Community Edition?

Well, yes and no.

Yes: We are open to develop new features to the software with & for you. You can sponsor enhancements, and we can also help your team to tailor the software to your needs.

No: Don’t call us when you have a critical issue that needs urgent support. As explained above, the Community Edition is based on DIY self-support.