Estimating the ROI / Return On Investment of any software implementation for your company is an art and a science. Many factors come into the equation, many of which are interconnected, and all which are hard to predict accurately.

Referencing a Dupont diagram we have built a simple tool that helps you compute the ROI of your APS implementation.

The spreadsheet is all yours to download and adjust to you business case.

We’d be very happy to hear your comments on this tool. Your experience and feedback will allows us to make it even more useful for future visitors to this page.

When done right, the payback of an APS implementation can be as short as 6 months. There’s not much excuse left to continue with an excel based planning process, is it?  

Johan De Taeye

Johan De Taeye

Johan is an engineer at heart. He worked 10 years for i2 (now jda), then another 10 years optimizing supply chain management for his clients. He founded frePPLe in 2011.