Branding guidelines

This page describes what we see as appropriate usage of the frepple name, logo and branding.

  • The official name is frePPLe, with PPL capitalized. Alternatively you can use the name in lower case or upper case.
    This name is also legally registered as a trade mark.
  • The official tag line is the world’s most advanced open source supply chain planning solution.

  • The official logo is available in SVG format:

  • We consider the following as approved usage of the frePPLe name. No approval is needed for any of the following.

    • You can use our software in your own software or documentation, which is based on or extends frepple. The derived products can’t be called “frePPLe”, but calling them “powered by frePPLe” or “derived from frePPLe” is correct.

    • You can use the frePPLe name and logo in any publication or public event.

    • You may call yourself a corporate or individual contributor, provided you have authored at least 1 pull request that was successfully merged in the code.

    • On any online presence we highly appreciate links to

  • We consider inappropriate usage of the frePPLe name:

    • any use that is completely unrelated to frePPLe, does not run on it or work with it

    • to suggest that your usage is sponsored by, affiliated with, endorsed by or approved by the frePPLe company when this isn’t the case.

  • When in doubt whether your usage is correct, please contact us at We’re nice people and will gladly review your specific situation.