Monitoring your environment

Your infrastructure team may be interested to monitor whether the frepple application is in a healthy state.

A addon monitoring app can be activated. It checks the following conditions, and replies with an OK message:

  • Log directory must have sufficient free disk space.

  • Database must have sufficient free disk space. (This check is only implemented if the PostgreSQL runs on the same server as the application web server).

  • RAM usage is low enough.

The following steps are required to configure and use the monitoring:

  • Update

    Add the app to the INSTALLED_APPS settings, and restart the web server.

  • Point your monitoring tool to the monitoring URL

    The monitoring URL requires authentication. It is recommended to create a dedicated user account for the monitoring and to generate an access token for that user. A token can be generated with the command “frepplectl generatetoken <user> –expiry=365”.

    Your monitoring tool must ping the monitoring endpoint in the same way as this curl command:

    curl -H 'Accept: application/json' --header 'Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN' https://YOURSERVER/monitor/

    The endpoint returns a JSON object as in the examples below:

    {"status": "OK"}
    {"status": "WARN", "warnings": ["Running low on memory"]}
    {"status": "ERRORS", "errors": ["Disk full in log directory"]}