Compiling on Linux

The instructions on this page describe how you compile the frePPLe source code into binaries. After compilation you need to return to the installation and configuration steps outlined on the previous page.

In the folder contrib/docker you find a number of dockerfiles that build from scratch on all supported linux distributions. You can get inspiration from there, or even reuse these containers.

  1. Pick up the latest code from the repository:

    git clone <project_directory>
  2. Initialize the build environment

    The CMakeLists.txt file has some logic to detect your Linux distribution and configure the build script. In case you’re working on an unknown distribution or version, you will need to update this file.

    The initialization step will also check for all required build software and report any missing packages.

    cd <project_directory>
    mkdir build
    cd build
    cmake ..
  3. Build the software

    cd <project_directory>/build
    cmake --build . --config Release
  4. Install the software

    cd <project_directory>/build
    cmake --install .
  5. Optionally, create a installation .deb or .rpm package

    cd <project_directory>/build
    cmake --build . --target package
  6. Free the disk space used during the build.

    cd <project_directory>
    rm -rf build
  7. To sync your environment with the latest changes from the repository:

    cd <project_directory>
    git pull