Customizing a reportΒΆ

Each user can update the configuration of the reports to suite his needs and taste.

Click the customize icon in the tool bar to bring up a popup window where the user can update:

  • Fields to be shown:
    Click on a field to toggle its visibility.
    Note that the key field of a table cannot be hidden.
  • Order of the fields:
    Drag and drop a visible field to the desired position.
  • Number of frozen columns:
    Select the number of columns that stay in place when you scroll to the right.
  • Column width:
    Changing the column width is not done from the popup window, but directly in the report itself.
    Hover the mouse over the boundary between 2 columns, holds the mouse down and drag to the correct width.
  • Filters, sorting and paging:
    Filtering criteria, sorting and page number are preserved. When you re-open the report later on it will opens exactly as when you left it.

The settings are stored on the server when you hit the OK button.

Customizing a report