Logging in and logging out

You can log in using your user name or your email address.

A default user is created after installation: user name admin and password admin.


For security reasons, it is highly recommended to change the password of this user.

Links to log out are provided in the user menu and in the upper right corner, next to your user name.

Logging in
When the “remember me” box is checked, your user session session will be persisted in your browser after you close the browser window. You will only have to log in again after some time of inactivity (3 days by default, configurable by an administrator with the setting SESSION_COOKIE_AGE).
Security sensitive deployments should set this setting equal to 0, which disables this feature and forces users to log in for every browser session.

The “forgot your password” feature will send an email to reset your password. The administrator will need to update the configuration with the connection details of an SMTP mail server for this feature to work.