How can I measure the impact of rush orders?

Urgent and important sales orders place the production planner with a difficult dilemma: Accepting the rush order will make you a hero with the sales representative, but it can significantly delay the delivery of other sales order.

Frepple allows you to simulate the new rush order and quickly evaluate its impact on the plan. This provides production planners with a powerful ananlysis tool to answer the dilemma.

  1. Navigate to Execute in the Admin menu.

  2. Pick the Scenario management tab in the Launch tasks menu.

  3. Select a Scenario and Copy default into selected scenarios. Then click on Copy.

  4. In the dropdown section in the upper right corner, select the scenario you’ve just created.

  5. Navigate to “Sales Orders” in the Sales menu.

  6. Click on the search icon in the upper right corner and filter for the rush order.

  7. Update the priority column to make the order top priority (1) and save.

  8. Navigate to “Execute” in the Admin menu and click on Launch to re-execute the plan.

  9. To review the impact of the rush order, compare your scenario’s delivery dates with your production environment.