How can I input my operators’ shifts or holidays?

Production shifts are often flexible. During peak periods increasing the number of working hours on a resource is an easy way to increase the available capacity on a bottleneck resource.

As a production planner you want to define these working hours correctly to get an accurate and realistic plan.

  1. Navigate to Calendars in the Manufacturing menu.

  2. Click on the + icon in the upper right corner and add a new calendar for your operator with default value = 0 (for instance: Calendar for Antonio).

  3. In Calendars Buckets, add another calendar bucket line with value = 1 for each availability of the operator.

  4. For a shift, input a start date in the past and an end date far in the future, then select the days, start and end time of the shift.

  5. For holidays, simply set the start date and end date of the period.

  6. Navigate to Resources in the Capacity menu and input the calendar’s name in the Available column.