Review critical items

You want to get a good overview of all problematic end items in your portfolio, i.e. items for which your supply can’t follow the demand.

You want to see to evolution of the backlogged demand over time.

  1. Open the “demand report” from the sales menu.
  2. There are a number of useful item attributes you can use to bring the critical items at the top of the list: “count of late demands”, “quantity of late demands”, “value of late demand”, “count of unplanned demand”, “quantity of unplanned demand” and “value of unplanned demand”.
    Customize the report to display one (or more) of these, and click the column header to order the report by this field.
  3. In the report the backlogged demand is visualized as a black line. Hopefully the line goes down to 0 very quickly…
  4. Hovering your mouse over a time bucket shows a summary of the supply and demand in that bucket.
    If there is backlog during that bucket you also see a list of the constraints that cause the backlog: are you running out of capacity on some resources? Or are you waiting for supplier to ship you materials?