Resource report

This report shows the loading of the resources.

If the report is opened for a single resource a load graph is displayed.

The report shows the plan result in size*time. E.g. a resource has size 1 and we are looking at a weekly bucket: available = 7 E.g. a resource has size 3 and we are looking at a weekly bucket: available = 21 The parameter loading_time_units defines the time units. Acceptable values are hours, days and weeks.




Resource name.


Location of the resource.


Total availability on the resource.


Unavailable time, as defined in the availability calendar of the resource’s location.


Time spent in conversions between setups.


Time spent on actual manufacturing orders.


Equal to the load divided by the available time, expressed as percentage.
The utilization % just right before the graph is the average utilization over the complete reporting horizon. The value for each bucket in that horizon is show in the cells on the right.
Resource report for a single resource Resource report as a graph Resource report as a table